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Uncouth tycoon Harry Brock goes to Washington, D.C. with his brassy mistress, Emma ‚Billie‘ Dawn, and his crooked lawyer, Jim Devery, to „influence“ a politician or two. The lawyer also presses Harry to marry Billie on the grounds that a … Weiterlesen

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A year after Kale Brecht’s father is killed in a car accident, Kale is arrested after attacking a teacher who made a remark about Kale’s father, saying „What would your father think?“ Pleading guilty to the assault charge, and six … Weiterlesen

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Feature film for release Spring 2011 following four superbike riders through their dramatic British Superbike Season. They are the new GLADIATORS, battling at 200MPH, riding through torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every race meeting. Only one can … Weiterlesen

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U.S. Navy Lieutenant, junior grade John F. Kennedy uses his family’s influence to get himself assigned to the fighting in the Solomon Islands in World War II, much to the surprise of Commander C.R. Ritchie. He collects a crew, including … Weiterlesen

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Arizona in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Durch den Betrieb eines Spielsaloons und lukrative Immobiliengeschäfte hat es die Unternehmerin Vienna zu einigem Wohlstand gebracht. Den örtlichen Ranchern ist ihre Anwesenheit ein Dorn im Auge, da mit dem Bau der … Weiterlesen

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In swinging London, a group of twenty-something friends are attending a rather dull party, and they decide to gather for kicks at an old supposedly haunted mansion where one of their number used to play as a child. Among the … Weiterlesen

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Nach dem Leichenzug für den toten König Ludwig II. von Bayern wird in Rückblenden das Leben des Monarchen erzählt. Schon kurz nach der Thronbesteigung wird dem König klar, dass er seine idealistischen politischen Ambitionen nicht verwirklichen kann. Gekränkt wendet er … Weiterlesen

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Deeply religious April Epner, a 39-year-old Brooklyn elementary school teacher, finds her life derailed by a series of events over which she has no control. Her husband Ben abruptly leaves her, her abrasive adoptive mother Trudy passes away the following … Weiterlesen

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On the Northwest Frontier of colonial India, circa 1880, contact has been lost with a British outpost at Tantrapur in the midst of a telegraph message. Colonel Weed dispatches a small detachment of British Indian Army troops to investigate, led … Weiterlesen

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Der Film ist an tatsächliche Begebenheiten und Erlebnisse der Lilly Wust in Berlin zur Zeit des Nationalsozialismus 1943 und 1944 angelehnt. Im Zentrum steht die lesbische Liebe einer Nichtjüdin zu einer Jüdin.Felice Schragenheim ist eine jüdische Frau, die einen falschen … Weiterlesen

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Jed prepares to interview French cineaste and self-appointed expert on the nature of love – Thierry Grimandi. The worldly and somewhat jaded Jed is dead-set on dismissing the auteur’s musings as pompous and, well French, until his own relationship with … Weiterlesen

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