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In 965 A.D., Odin, king of Asgard, wages war against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and their leader Laufey, to prevent them from conquering the nine realms, starting with Earth. The Asgardian warriors defeat the Frost Giants and seize the … Weiterlesen

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Von den Begleitern des Roten Korsaren gelingt es lediglich den beiden Flibustiern Carmaux und van Stiller zu entkommen. Auf dem Meer begegnet ihnen die Fólgore, dass Schiff des Schwarzen Korsaren. Als sie diesem den Tod seines dritten Bruders melden, beschließt … Weiterlesen

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Jamal Walker is an everyday slacker with a job at a crummy theme park called Medieval World, which is about to receive big competition from another theme park, Castle World. While cleaning a moat surrounding the park, he finds a … Weiterlesen

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A man is shown leaving advertisements in a national newspaper in which „Biscuit“ is seeking „Sea Wife“. Eventually the man, who is the Biscuit in the advertisements, gets a letter summoning him to a hospital where he meets a terminally … Weiterlesen

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A young female headhunter in New York convinces a potential recruit to leave his job in San Francisco behind and accept a job in the big apple. Despite an attraction to each other, both realize they’re everything they’ve been running … Weiterlesen

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Captain David O’Keefe, seeking his fortune in the 19th century South Pacific, decides to enlist island natives to harvest copra, but runs into a wall of cultural problems. Backed by a Chinese dentist, he obtains a ship and sets about … Weiterlesen

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Eine Serie schwerer Erdbeben erschüttert die Pazifikküste Südamerikas, Eisberge treiben von der Beringsee in Richtung Süden und schmelzen, nicht weit von den japanischen Inseln steigt die Wassertemperatur. Die Vereinten Nationen schicken das Atom-Unterseeboot „Seahawk“ in die arktischen Gewässer, um die … Weiterlesen

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Miss Giddens applies for a job as a governess. It is to be her first position, but the wealthy bachelor interviewing her is unconcerned with her lack of experience. He values his freedom to travel and socialize and unabashedly confesses … Weiterlesen

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The world can make us invisible. Courage can make us incredible. Love can make us invincible. Ryan Kwanten of TV’s True Blood stars in this charming, quirky and totally unpredictable romantic comedy about the superhero in all of us. Griff, … Weiterlesen

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Ginger Rogers stars in this rousing, patriotic drama as Jo, a young woman whose husband goes off to fight the Nazis, leaving her home, poor and pregnant. In order to make ends meet, Jo takes a job riveting planes and … Weiterlesen

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Oskar, a meek 12-year-old boy, resides with his single mother Yvonne in the western Stockholm suburb of Blackeberg in 1982 and occasionally visits his father Erik in the countryside. Oskar’s classmates regularly bully him, and he spends his evenings imagining … Weiterlesen

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